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There are many considerations to be analyzed before getting a dog, specially in the case of this one. Let’s see why.

Fila Brasileiros are banned in certain areas. As they have a history to be guardian dogs in the past, many people do not consider them to be safe around children or people the dog does not know. It has happened many times that people may sue the owners of this breed because they did something that was not considered ok under their own standards.

They are calm, easy going dogs, until they are disturbed in some way. You may think that their size is due to the fact that they do not exercise enough, but the answer is no. Their body structure goes beyond exercise and they are extremely lovable dogs. They rely on their owners, and they may follow their master all around the house to be in near contact with them.

However, when it comes to strangers, Fila dogs can be extremely changed. They distrust any person they are not familiar with and for that reason they are considered guardian dogs. They may turn really aggressive if not controlled and / or trained properly. Nevertheless, with a good amount of socialization, these dogs can gain some confidence and they can become less of a hazard than untrained dogs are. They need constant exposure to strangers to prevent defense biting, for example, because they end up fearing everyone that comes near them.

Therefore, professional training is a must in the case of such dogs which tend to be quite difficult to handle if you are not properly trained, if you are not determined enough to handle him.

Exercise is, of course, something you must not forget in the case of the Fila. To keep them healthy, slim and to prevent damage to the articulations or joints, a regular, daily amount of exercise is advisable. 

For their type of short hair, Filas need constant shedding, and grooming if not the loosen hair will end up in your rug, your bed, everywhere.

Special attention should be paid as regards the barking these dogs have. They can be terribly annoying for small places such as buildings and they may cause serious problems among neighbors.

Concerning health, the heart problems are not common either. The problems may appear when they are little, but if they are taken care appropriately, your dog will live a long and healthy life.

After I've bought our first two Filas, as a birthday present for my wife, we were so excited that we've bought another two. So it happened, that we own all colour variants of the breed and we can breed puppies in all standard colours.

When you buy a Fila, you mostly get the quality which you've paid for; however some unreliable breeders do not sell for appropriate price.
Our puppies are sold only to responsible people and at certain circumstances.
We offer the new owners of our puppies with help and advice, so that the puppies will grow in the best conditions.
We are ready to answer all your questions and we're looking forward to your visit by our kennel.